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Keri Hilson – No Boys Allowed (Album Cover + Track List)

Keri Hilson fully recorded their second album, except, perhaps, any bonus tracks. The record contains 12 tracks and will hit the stores as early as 21 December …

On the album, fans of the singer to hear some guests such as Kanye West, Chris Brown, Rick Ross and J. Cole. As a beatmaker made by Polow Da Don, Ne-Yo, Chuck Harmony, Kevin McCall, Tank, and John Legend. Offer you the tracklist and cover the upcoming album.

1. “Buyou” featuring J. Cole
2. “Pretty Girl Rock”
3. “The Way You Love Me” featuring Rick Ross
4. “Bahm Bahm (Do It Once Again) / I Want You”
5. “One Night Stand” featuring Chris Brown
6. “Lose Control / Let Me Down”
7. “Toy Soldier”
8. “Breaking Point”
9. “Beautiful Mistake”
10. “Gimme What I Want”
11. “All the Boys”
12. “Pretty Girl Rock (Remix)” featuring Kanye West

Too $hort – Respect The Pimpin EP (Cover + Tracklist)

Release Date: December 14, 2010

01. Bitch I’m a Pimp
02. Respect the Pimpin ft. Snoop Dogg, Silk-E, Elijah Baker
03. That’s Not Your Bitch ft. Jazze Pha
04. Get Ya Money
05. Ya’ll Ready ft. Mac Minister, Richie Rich
06. Bitches Need Love Too ft. Jazzy Pha

Redman – ‘Pancake & Syrup’ (Artwork & Track List) + Reggie Album Snippets

Pancake & Syrup will serve as a warm up tape to his new studio album Reggie dropping December 7th. You can listen to the snippets here.

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T.I. on the cover of VIBE

Tip adorn the cover of VIBE magazine in December 2010. The magazine became the latest edition, which the rapper was interviewed before his vynuzhdennm leave. In an interview T.I. spoke about their problems with pills, touched on family and imprisonment. Presenting excerpts from the interview, which fully appear in the December issue of the publication …

I heard you mention that good deeds are quickly forgotten. Do you think that you and I been treated unfairly?

If you take in the extent to which people are generally talking about me, then – yes. But they are people who imagine something can not help. They help only those who know personally. And how can I expect to see me will be treated differently if they see me only on TV? People have always had so done: Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali: When all is well, they are next. When something goes wrong, they are against you.

But now nothing is worse. Due to the fact that you did.

So I’ll tell you this: when you look at a guy who did not come home, he began to sell drugs at 12 years, 13 took the weapon, fell into the firefight, 15 landed in jail. And in all this chaos and hooliganism, but when I was in prison for a gun with a silencer, I have changed my life. And now you want to crucify him, for what? For three pills. Well, yes, it’s wrong and inexcusable. No problem. But if you take a large scale, it is a trifle. You can not kill a man after he went through a more serious things in life. Here it would be wrong if I rode with the weapon or shoot someone, it was then – yes. Just think about it.

How is it that you are addicted to drugs?

When I got out of prison, I had to frequently visit the dentist to repair the canals, pulling teeth. From January to February. And to relieve the pain, I subscribed to OxyContin and hydrocodone. In October 2007 I gave up and drink and smoke. Well, I took these pills and was taken only because of the pain. And then I liked it – more precisely, from them I felt good. And it’s legal. Once the pain passed, I continued to take them. I had 6.5 pieces. And I had about 80 pieces. Anyone else would have begun to drink or smoke and I saw pain. But once I realized that I was starting to take a seat them.

You talked about it with Eminem?

Of course. We were recording together and talked a lot. I asked how he knew that hooked. But if you consciously begin to self-harm, it means that something is wrong with you … with brains. “

Keyshia Cole – Calling All Hearts (Album Cover + Tracklist)

1. I Ain’t Thru
2. Long Way Down
3. Tired Of Doing Me
4. If I Fall In Love Again
5. So Impossible
6. Hangover
7. Confused In Love
8. Take Me Away
9. Sometimes
10. What You Do To Me
11. Better Me
12. Friends Turn Their Back
13. Where Would We
14. Thank You

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