Just as Dr. Dre, Game from 2009 lays out his album “The RED”. Nevertheless, he continues to release new music: examples of this street single “It Must Be Me” with the participation of Pharrell, as well as a joint track with Justin Timberlake “Ain’t No Doubt”. But the last mixtape artist offers some hope that the album is still coming soon. About this Game said in a recent interview with “Complex”.

“The mixtape” Purp & Patron “all new songs. And those with Dre, I wrote them a couple of months ago, in July. I was just trying to fill a mixtape, so put all that I could. And do not even specifically there were songs with Dre. I just went through a hard drive and that found in good quality and not very old, gave Skee. Some of these songs were already known siphoned away verses or hooks. But the full version does not appear, that’s why I introduced the tracks prodakshenom from Dre.

As for Ashanti, then Dre called me and asked if I worked for sometime with her, I said no. He asked, not against if I sign up with her, I said no. Well, we signed up.

Some people think, ‘Here it is again with Dre’, but I was always with him. And it was not necessary to be sure he was on the album, but I have worked with him on “Detox” all the time. We always talked and were on good terms since the beginning. “Documentary” was released and we went their separate ways, but there was no way that he did not call me or I did not pay any attention to him. ”

About The R.E.D. Album.

“In my opinion,” The KIll “- the only track that has enough capacity to get on the album.” The RED Album “prepared by 95%. I will not let him up until I find a track that would not sound like anything else that I released, and with him I will feel comfortable, I want to make a video and that he was on the radio.

At the moment everything is in my hands. I met with Jimmy Iovine and the heads of the label for about a week ago, and they gave me the green light to choose a date that I want. I want to find a good song that would become a landmark. The executive producer of the album Pharrell, ect still Dre and Premier. Those whom I would like to combine into one album – they are there and there. We are Premier made a few records before my tour, but on the album, but it will probably be only one entry. He sent me some materials and among them was that he had never done before. “